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Ladies Fly Fishing

In a recent blog post I talked about ladies fly fishing in the UK after reading an interesting article online. You can read the full post here.  You can see the video below on that post too, but if you prefer, stay on this page and just watch it here. 

Entitled, 'The Woman's Touch', it's an excellent video to see a ladies fly fishing lesson in action.  I had the great privilege of being featured in one of John Bailey’s “On The Fly” TV series. The full series is well worth a watch!

In this program, John discusses how in Scandinavia and America women anglers significantly outnumber their male counterparts and asks the question: “Why are so few women attracted to the sport in the UK?” John Bailey enlisted my help to examine the state of ladies fishing in the UK. Pauline Smith and her nine-year-old daughter Megan took to Norfolk’s Bure Valley lakes to put their talents to the test - with some surprising results.


The Woman's Touch - Featuring Tim Gaunt-Baker From The Series, "On The Fly" By John Bailey


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